Step back from “what if” fear

Fear can be real
if you’re facing a hungry tiger, 
if you’re getting washed away in a flood,
if your child is ill.

But daily fear isn’t real.
It’s a tool that can control, and
keep us from being all we can be.

Step back from “what if” fear and
find your strength and your dreams again.

Be the tiger or the power of the flood.
Be the healer of all sick children.

That power will bring a new and better world.
No one person has all the power.

Breathe deeply and reclaim yours.


suni moon

I am a teacher, an artist, a bodyworker, a musician and shine a bright light wherever possible. I was Su Nimon but a small adjustment to my name has me now suni moon. Just seems a better fit to me. Stop in for encouragement, information, comfort, inspiration and a bit of humor.