I love my life… yep, there, I said it. Sounds a little “Mary Sunshine-ish” but it’s true. I haven’t always been able to say this. Over the years, careful attention to how I’m feeling has eventually led me to this place of deep satisfaction with life, most of the time. 😉 The road to my happy place has allowed me to learn a lot of skills that might help you deal with stress and be able to adjust your happiness level up a bit too.

I believe that staying happy is a huge part of staying healthy. I have dealt with anxiety, OCD and have PTSD but that’s not bad news. Those things taught me very clearly that I have to pay attention to what’s going on with me to stay in balance. What we believe will come, what we think we deserve and how we encourage ourselves is all so important to our happiness and to our health.

I am a licensed massage therapist in Ohio. I am trained in reiki, attaining a master/teacher level 15 years ago. I have studied a wide range of holistic healing modalities which I utilize in my bodywork practice and share with students. I know that meditation has been my key to changing myself and my life for the better. I’ve studied most styles of meditation with teachers from all over the world since I was 18 and now I’ve been  leading groups and classes for many years. And if it helps you grasp that I truly embrace change to be happy, I started my career as a mechanical engineer? Yeah, really.

When I’m not busy trying to keep my shit together and life beautiful (ha!) I teach meditation and study qigong. I love playing outdoors, have a messy but wonderful organic garden. I’m an artist, a musician and a maker of things.

This blog is my place to talk about what’s on my mind. It’s also to give clients, students and other friends a way to learn a bit more about me and find out what’s going on- classes, workshops, shows, trips and other projects Here’s my class list- those scheduled and those available to be scheduled for you or your group.

May you savor the joy on your journey and
have fun!
Love and light,,

My art site remains at JourneyStudios.com