crystals and healing stone workshop

June 2, 2019, 1 pm to 4 pm

Healers from the earth- removing some of the mystery but none of the magic from working with crystals and healing stones

Come join me for a small, intimate gathering as I introduce you to some of my dearest friends. This workshop will take place in my healing studio where I work everyday with a lovely family of rocks and crystals. Group size is limited to six people. 

We’ll learn:
– a bit about science and history of crystals and healing stones
– how to choose and care for healing stones and crystals
– ways to use these gems from mother earth
– my intuitive way of working with stones
– a bit about chakras, sacred geometry, pairing crystals with essential oils
– how to prepare crystal elixirs

You’ll take home a copy of my book, “Helping us thrive- historical and modern use of crystals and healing stones” as a pdf, a crystal elixir you have made and tiny but mighty bag of gems to carry the energy of the day with you. 

Cost $40

Payable with credit card or PayPal.
includes book, supplies and snacks
If you’re buying this workshop as a gift, just let me know in comments box when you pay and I’ll email you a giftable certificate.

Workshop at Suni’s studio, which is near Martindale Park. You’ll get map and details when you sign up.  Class size is limited so make reservations early. No experience is needed. Come to learn, get healthier and have fun!!