succeed with change workshop

Jan 5, 11am-3pm

Change can be your friend, not some insurmountable challenge. Learn how to embrace it to make positive shifts in your life and achieve your goals.

I’ve studied this subject for years mostly because re-inventing myself is a sort of hobby with me? Or perhaps better said, I’ve had a lot of crap that needed changed. I’ve learned that just to get excited, make the decision, then grit your teeth and try to hang on to willpower is often not successful and no fun at all.

I’m not saying that these methods are fun. But they gave me so much more power, so many more tools, so many ways to succeed. I just wanted to share my years of experience so you might not have to bang your head against the wall any more.

Is it diet, exercise, self confidence, more positive attitude, learning to stay calm or something else? Change requires making and embracing new habits which is work but very do-able if you have a plan and some important tools.

– Approach change thru thinking, feeling and doing
– Setting intentions and making them work
– Let self talk be your best coach
– Are you prepared to succeed?
– Change must feel good. Self care practices to soothe and encourage
– Striking a balance- diet, sleep, movement and stress reduction.

You’ll take home a workbook/journal to keep what you’ve learned in front of you.
We won’t break for lunch but there will be sandwiches, water, tea, fruit and finger food.

Come learn, share, get inspired and take home a clear plan

Cost $55, includes food and workbook

Payable with credit card or PayPal.
includes food, beverage and workbook
If you’re buying this workshop as a gift, just let me know in comments box when you pay and I’ll email you a giftable certificate.

Workshop at 6th Street Yoga, 214 6th St NW in downtown Canton. Class size is limited so make reservations early. Parking downtown on Saturday is free and on the street. No experience is needed. Come to learn, get healthier and have fun!!