Settle in to Peace, suniMoon, TheEnergyOfHappy.comMy passion is to help people connect with their power in body, mind and spirit. My classes are a response to a stressful life that can sometimes feel chaotic. Learning skills which can calm, ground and reduce stress is certainly in order. The cost of the class depends on length of class, the size of the group, materials needed and travel requirements. Contact me to discuss the possibilities. 

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Group meditation– While meditation is a deeply personal practice, some people enjoy the energy of meditating with a group. When I’m working with a new group, I always try to take themto whatever level they are comfortable. If there’s a lot of beginners, we take a simple straightforward approach. If the group has some experience, then we can explore a different style or try some practices to encourage them to go deeper. My goal is for the group to experience how the energy of the group can affect their practice for the good. I lead 3 groups right now in Canton OH.

Meditation 101- This is a class that can be a one time presentation and is particularly well suited for business environments. I take a practical approach, explaining scientific studies done about the power of meditation to improve health and life. Then I offer some basic knowledge about meditation and how to start a practice. It’s as not “woo-woo” as I can manage. Can be very eye-opening and helpful, especially for those who think they can’t meditate because no one very explained the practice is practical, factual terms. Handout- Meditation 101 might help you get started.

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Meditation for anxiety and stress– Meditation is relaxing and calming regardless of your challenges. In this class, we explore meditation with a special focus on how it might become one of the tools that you might use to reduce your anxiety and stress. Learning can be empowering.

Meditation for loss and grief– Grief is a natural part of life that all of us experience. We all grieve differently. For some, meditation is a tool that can help calm and center you as you grow thru the experience of grief and loss.

Yeah me!– Somedays you can wait a long time to hear an “atto-boy” bit of encouragement. In this class, we explore becoming your own best encourager. I lead us through a light-hearted look at the power of language, with a special focus on what language you use with yourself. You’ll be surprised how the habitual words and phrases you use (or run thru your head) really have an effect on how you feel physically and how happy you are. Explore looking on the bright side with self affirmations that you write or find to help you feel more relaxed and happy. This often is a funny and eye-opening class using language that might be normal for whatever group i”m working with.

Mandala meditation– A mandala is an image thought by some to be a map. Whether the map is of something external (like the Universe) or internal (like your dreams), the mandala gives you a means to express yourself. The process of learning some simple drawing techniques (no experience or particular talent is needed) allows you to begin to explore the relaxing and meditative practice of drawing from your thoughts.

Creativity thru visual expression for the non artist– That long title is basically saying, come explore drawing or painting in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. Everyone is creative, many just haven’t practiced for so long that they forget how fun it all can be. No experience needed. No judgement allowed. This class can be messy so what we end up doing depends on the environment and the students. If we’re in a studio space with easy cleanup, we may paint. In a space that needs to stay neat, we’ll opt for drawing and perhaps sculptural or collage projects.

Energy healing– While to some the term energy healing might seem new, even new age-y. But working with the energy systems of the body is only relatively new to Westerners. Many ancient cultures believed in and understood the energy systems of the body. In this workshop, you can learn a simple energy healing practice to use and share with others.

Healing with voice and sound– In class we explore how our voices can help our bodies and minds stay healthy and happy. We practice how words, sounds, rhythms and more can create feelings, energy and encourage good health.

Group meditation in Canton OH TheEnergyofHappy.comClasses on the calendar

Group meditation– I lead two meditation groups in Canton OH.
-6th Street Yoga, 214 6th St NW, Canton OH on the 1st Sunday of every month at 1:30pm.
-Restoration Yoga, 1965 East Maple Ave NW, North Canton, Ohio (inside Diaita Juice at Washington Sq. Plaza) on the 3rd Friday of the month at 5:30pm
Both classes are by donation and require no experience and no reservation. Just drop in with your fav cushion if you have one.