Photo Credit to Deb Peluso and TGIF. Well, it’s almost Friday as I write this.
Having a fabulous week yet still, continually seeking to find the keys to the “less stress, more fun” model.

I’m performing music Friday at the gallery. It’s a lovely opportunity for me to get more used to playing on my own in a space generally filled with friends or kind strangers. I just finished my last rehearsal… and I really enjoyed it. Thought of comments and stories to share… sidebars, inflections and expressions to bring my point of view more clearly into the music.

And as I finished I thought… “I really wish I could perform tomorrow night with exactly the same feeling as tonight.” And why wouldn’t I?

Because tomorrow night, I’ll be scared. Of what? Well… performance involves audience, expectations and mistakes… lions, tigers and bears, oh my. So I’m pondering, visualizing, praying to do a good job. And I know just how to do that… I need to do things just like I did tonight, at home alone. No judgment here… no expectations… no lions, tigers etc. Oh, there is one old cat, but he’s always liked my music, because when I’m playing, I’m not sitting in the cushy office chair so he gets to nap there. 😉

Performance should mean me sharing a part of myself with you… me playing music that I love. It needs to be for me… and hopefully you’ll enjoy what I’m choosing to share with you. Maybe you’ll get to know a bit of me and my message through the music.

Perhaps all aspects of  “performance” in life situations could be focused on what I want to say, what I need to do… what message I want to send out to the world? Oh yes… that feels right.

Soooo… if you stop by the gallery on Friday night and you see me sitting there singing away with my eyes closed, you can imagine what I’m imagining… that I’m home alone singing my heart out. Just me and the old cat, having a comfy, relaxed, beautiful music kinda night at the homestead. Hope you enjoy? I’m pretty sure I will.

have fun!

Thanks to my dear friend Deb Peluso for the sweet photo. Check out her work at

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