But… that’s not how it’s supposed to turn out?

dreamRocksI had a surprise while in Colorado recently. A business proposition that could have been an amazing opportunity for me. I was so excited. Maybe I got excited before I thought the whole thing through. But that’s why negotiating takes a bit of time. Time gave me insight and the chance to think about all the challenges and opportunities. In the end, we made a mutual decision not to pursue the business idea we had created.

And now… here I am in Ohio again. After being so excited about the possibilities of being out West again, it’s a bit tough to wake up knowing there’s no gorgeous Rocky Mountains on the horizon. Soooo… that makes me feel disappointed? Well, here’s where I’m seeing that choice comes in.

I could say oh poor me, boo hoo, I didn’t get to go to CO. On the other hand, after time to discuss and reflect, I could see that while it was a great opportunity, it wasn’t the perfect opportunity for me and the timing was wrong. So what would the perfect opportunity be… and how can I work myself to a position where timing will be better?

Well, because of the time and energy spent reflecting on this recent opportunity, I now know better what I do want. And I clearly know areas I need to work on to be ready to make the dreams come true.

So, a better game plan towards my dreams. Yeah… it’s not a disappointment at all. So, yes, I’m still here in Ohio. But can see what my next steps need to be so can get busy on improvement whether I’m here or wherever.

So the dream didn’t work out just the way I had planned. But rather than lose a lot of energy feeling bummed, I’m remembering that it’s only this shot at the dream that didn’t pan out. The dream is fine. And now I know better how to take the next step towards it. Thanks so much for the info, Universe. I’ll use it wisely.

suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.