meeting-of-the-mindssmFor many in my community, it’s been a dark week. Local tragedy seems to be magnified by today’s reminder of tragedy 10 years ago. I don’t chose to relive either of those here.

Instead, I’m calling in the light… for myself, for others who might feel they need it, and for the world. While sadness and darkness may intrude into our lives without invitation… we can make a choice to seek out light.

What do I mean by light? I often offer those in need my promise that I’ll “send light and love.” To me that light is the energy of hope, love, and connection. Energy is a real and measurable thing. In the midst of sadness, we see the light as people gather together and share. The grief changes a bit as we realize we are not alone in our heartache. Stories, hugs… connectedness ensue. And soon in the midst of grief, we hear laughter, love and yes, there it is… that’s light.

I’ve been sad this week… a bit overwhelmed by emotions- my own and those of others. So today is my day for light. I find light through music, meditation, chant, art… even in clearing out a bit more of the “stuff” that is cluttering up the homestead.

How might you find light? I think step one is to turn away from the darkness. I mean, quit focusing on sadness and pick up something that brings you joy. Play music, play with your pets or kids. Call a friend,  take a walk in nature. Create, paint, sing, dance… do that thing you love to do but never seem to have time for. Take time for you. Focus on love.

Light is about love and I think it is the essence of our connection as living beings on this planet. Focus on our similarities, our accomplishments, our joys. And don’t give an iota of energy to darker aspects. The world will not evolve by our focusing on our sadness, our perceived differences… the “us vs. them” misconception. The world will evolve when we realize we are all related- the people, the animals, the plants, the planet. And if we can just begin to get a grip on that idea, then we can begin treating each other with love and light.

At least, that’s my plan for my day. How about you?

sending light and love to you all.
have fun!

suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.