There’s safety in numbers

settleintopeacesmcI’m a hermit. That’s not a complaint or something I would change… just a fact. I require a lot of time alone to recharge. I truly look forward to those times. One thing that I’ve always savored is meditation time… and up to now, that’s generally been a solo event, other than classes I might teach. But somehow this fall, I was moved to set up a Monday noon time meditation at the gallery. This isn’t a class… just a time when I commit to be in the classroom, sitting in meditation. I invite the public to join me, no charge. Hmm… why would a hermit decide to do this on her day off?

That’s a good question and one I asked myself before I committed to announcing Monday Meditation publicly. But the idea was one of those things… those ideas that well up inside you as though planted there. These sorts of ideas seem to me as though they didn’t really come from me or from my experience. I’ve learned it’s best to follow thru on things like this and so Monday Meditation began.

I don’t generally prepare for the group meditation, although often an idea will come to me. Today wasn’t one of those days… today, I had no ideas. So I walked into the room, tried to open heart and mind. And as the group arrived, I listened to them and our subject rose up from their conversation. I didn’t mentally think about it again, just stayed open and we began.

We explored light and positive energy and how we might use it to prepare ourselves for our days. Monday is a tough day for many people as we’re tossed back into our work week and often there’s stress in that, based on our experience week after week after week? 😉 We practiced looking forward to our day with joy, with expectation for good. We filled ourselves, our room, our community and even the world with our light and good energy. Afterward, I explained to them a bit about the “Law of Attraction” and my rudimentary understanding about Quantum Physics… and why there is a scientific basis for why we should keep our focus on positive things as those are the things that we seem to attract to our life.

Everyone has a nice time. We shared a bit at the end. Hugs all around, then back to our lives.
Here I am again alone and when I reviewed the meditation, I found that I had gotten exactly what I needed from the group session also. Their directing the subject, my allowing the meditation to be led by whatever the Universe sent… all that had resulted in my receiving answers and confirmation.

So sometimes it’s okay for the hermit to sit on the mountain… but when the “village” calls… go where you are called and you’ll likely be exactly where you’re supposed to be.
Peace and love
Painting is “settle in to peace” by me, at Journey Art Gallery.

suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.