Intentions for 2015… I like the sound of that

loversoflifesmc‘Tis the time of year when people start talking about resolutions. I listened to several women talking the other day about which diet they were going to start in 2015. One is trying Low Carb… another thinks the Abs diet. One talked about a diet she bought (you can PAY for a diet?)  Then along with their dreams, the conversation slid to their expectations that the diets probably won’t work.

At that point, the big GONG in my head rang out… and it came to me that resolutions are just one more thing (or many more things) that we SHOULD do, Must Do, Have to DO!!

The last thing I want to ponder when I think about a new year ahead of me is more things I should/could/have to do.

So I’m setting intentions for the new year and here’s what I mean.

I intend this new year to be happy, healthy, more satisfying. I intend a bit more fun time, art time and less worry time. I visualize it to be a year of abundance- love, money and peace.

and now what, you may ask?

Intentions are set in my world by imagining your life a bit better than it is now. You might take time to play more music, be more active, take more naps. Then without taking a moment to figure out exactly how you’ll make this happy things happen… you sit down and visualize that better life. Again… not making a list of step 1, then 2… but visualizing how it will feel. Sit down and close your eyes and imagine how your 2015 will feel. Imagine how your body will feel. Imagine how you’ll feel if (for example) you don’t worry about money anymore because you have an abundance of it. Imagine lying down for an afternoon (or morning?) nap without a care in the world. Imagine your body feeling more healthy. And I’m calling you to really submerge yourself in this imagining. Visualize bending over and feeling limber and balanced. Visualize enjoying your favorite vacation place… how the sand feels in your toes, how the sun warms your skin. Imagine waking up in the morning feeling absolutely fabulous and eager to begin your day.

This is how I set intentions. I visualize my joy- how it tastes, how it feels against my skin, how it sounds. And I visualize these intentions every day.
Now I’m not suggesting you spend your days daydreaming… but to set aside 5 minutes in the morning and perhaps even another 5 minutes in the evening visualizing the reality you want created around you.

And why, pray tell, do I challenge you to do this? Because my dear dears, this visualization of your better life can make a difference in your world.

How can that be? Well… perhaps I’ll blog a bit more about this subject sometime soon.
And if you can’t wait for me… it’s about the law of attraction. It has changed my life.

Peace, love and heaps of joy!


painting is “lovers of life” by me at

ps. yes, you might say that asking you to visualize joy IS actually giving you something else to do. But it’s much more fun and satisfying than imagining failing at a diet? really! Dream with me… a better world can be.

suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.