Power of love

anniversary3I was grateful and honored that two friends asked me to speak at their renewal of their wedding vows yesterday. I had written out (or some spirit wrote thru me as is often the case) something that I thought was lovely. But as often happens when you find yourself in the real moment, what I had written was too long and perhaps a bit too sedate for this fun loving bunch. So instead of presenting what was written, I just spoke from my heart. Not sure what I said, but trust it served the purpose well.

Since I’m not blogging regularly, I thought perhaps the blog might be the place for the writing sent to me from the Universe.
Celebrate love!


Dear friends, dear family,

We are gathered here to celebrate!! Topaz and Mike invited us to celebrate their marriage with them… and we are. But they are also giving us such a great gift. They are allowing us to celebrate the reality of love with them.

Renewing their wedding vows is important to these two. It’s a wonderful experience for any couple to come together again, in this public yet sacred way to say, “We’re still here… and we’re happy we are. “ But the renewal of vows is important for all of us too. This ceremony is our reminder that love is alive and well. That relationships work and that our dreams can come true.

And it reminds us of the great power of love. The love of a husband and wife is special, powerful and taxed regularly. This love requires special care… it demands to be held as important… it cries for its needs to be met. I’m sure both Topaz and Mike can think of a time or two when they were reminded that their love needed care, it needed to be honored. And when the powerful energy of love is cared for and honored, it grows… it shines. It draws others to it.

The love between husband and wife is special. It is one special flavor of love. Each of us today are reminded of how we each love Mike and Topaz. And how we love others in our world. And that all those flavors of love require the same special care and honor.

The power of love isn’t exclusive to people. We love animals, the earth, Mother Nature. I love a good thunderstorm and I wax poetic at every time the moon is full. These flavors of love that we each carry in our hearts and our lives are all very special. These loves- all different- all beautiful- all require care and honor

The glue that keeps our relationships and our world together is love. Love allows us to care for one another- those near and dear- and those on the other side of the world that we’ve never met. Love allows us to feel compassion for other living beings, sentient creatures and spirits in existence in all of time.

So today, we celebrate love. It will change our relationships and our world… if we continue to care and honor it above all else.

Topaz, once again, with 5 more years of joys and sorrows… knowing more now about him than you have before… in his perfection and his imperfection… do you take Mike to be your beloved partner in life and love.

And Mike, once again, with 5 more years of memories- the highs and the lows… knowing her more deeply than you ever have… in her perfection and her imperfection… do you take Topaz to be your beloved partner in life and love?

I now pronounce you once again and into a glorious future, husband and wife.

suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.