Landmarks in life


Today is my 63rd birthday. No shit?!
As I get older, I don’t feel older. My insides still feel like they did when I was 25.
Alas, my outsides don’t look exactly the same. ūüėČ
But I’m still dazzled at realizing I’m as old as I am and still mostly functional.
And what does being this age mean to me?
Not a damn thing.

Okay, maybe that’s a lie.
Being older means I don’t run anymore for fun, only to outdistance a bear.
And I don’t eat donuts for breakfast… for many reasons which we won’t discuss here.
I don’t dream about Prince Charming coming, because every day the Universe sends interesting, weird and wonderful¬† souls into my life. ¬†Getting¬†to know and experience each one for what they have to teach is quite enough for me.
And without a life partner, I get to do what I please everyday and that’s a really¬†quite¬†enjoyable also..
Being older means I don’t wait for things that are really important to me.
I find a way to make them happen.
I don’t dream about what I’ll do “someday.”
I go do the shit I dream of doing whenever possible.

Age doesn’t mean a damn thing unless it is a positive encouragement to take action.
I made it this far… I must be doing something okay.
I must be tough… or lucky… or both.
I hope I’ve learned a lot.
I know I’ve met a lot of inspiring people who I have tried to learn from.
I’m smart enough to follow the example of those that resonate with me.

Age should never be about, “I can’t” or worse yet, “I shouldn’t.”
Time might be short… let’s do every freekin’ thing that we can imagine might be fun.

I have dreams.
When I wake up in the morning, I take the time to visualize all my dreams coming true.
I try to see what might be a stumbling block to making those dreams come true.
Then I make the stumbling blocks go away.
I don’t wait for other people to make shit easy for me.
Why would they, they’ve got their own shit to deal with.
(Sometimes really generous, loving people do make shit easy for me…
and I accept their help.  I love them and do lots of happy dancing. But I never wait for those special gifts because they are rare.)

Getting older should be about celebrating.
Remembering the good old days is okay.
But making new crazy, good days is even better.

So here’s to birthdays!
I plan to work a bit, play a bit, create a bit, help a bit.
I will eat a few things I shouldn’t (still, saying no to donuts in the morning but cake and ice cream might make a good lunch?)
I might drink a bit of wine, but just a bit.

And I will do it all in gratitude.
I believe that life is happening exactly as it should.
And if I keep my eyes on my dreams,
Keep my heart open to the possibilities
And stay willing to take action, then anything is possible.

Much love to you all.

have fun!!

ps. maybe another thing about getting older is I say “bad words” if I want to. hehe

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Photo from a couple years ago. I was invited to a formal party but decided that my alter ego felt like more fun than a formal gown. They didn’t throw me out


suni moon

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