When you worry about darkness… 

heart3plusSm.jpgI live in Canton OH. I don’t watch the news. So I was surprised today when a friend told me that Donald Trump would be in our town tonight for a rally.

Damn… that gave me the weirdest feeling as to me, he’s very scary. Scary in that he seems to resonate with divisiveness and I’m about wholeness and oneness. I won’t go further. This blog isn’t about politics. 

On my way home, I drove past the location of the rally just as the doors were opening. There was one lone police car and many people on the streets walking peacefully towards the Civic Center. Many carried signs. I don’t know what they said as I was driving and mostly focusing on the energy of the space, which is what I do. 

And as I drove, I was ashamed of myself. I was looking at people I drove past… thinking to myself, “well, that person certainly isn’t part of my tribe.” To the man on the corner with the sign about deplorables, I smiled, because I didn’t know what he was trying to tell me. I did do some homework when I got home. I won’t go further. This blog isn’t about politics. 

But, I still felt unsettled. A touch worried that something awful might happen in my small town. And a lot wishing I could make things be very different.

This election has shown me clearly what a democracy is about. Every 4 years we vote and a candidate wins. Some people got their wish and others did not. That’s how this game works. But if my choice wins, as happened with President Obama… I need to (and have been reminded forcefully because of social media) be sensitive to the fact that some people did not get their choice. I try not to say much… but from time to time I post something on social media that moves me… and it generally is about something our President has done that makes me feel proud that I voted for him. And invariably, the people who did not vote for him will comment, sometimes very forcefully and even contemptuously that I’m horrible and our president is horrible. I think to myself, “What? Your choice didn’t win so I’m an asshole? No, this is how democracy works.” But I try to shut up and just delete whatever post brought out the contempt and anger.

So now the shoe is possibly on the other foot. Here’s a candidate in my town that I really think is a horrible choice. I won’t go further. This blog isn’t about politics.  But I feel agitated inside… like I need to say something.

So I post this on Facebook…
“Sending light and love for peace and honor to the gathering in the Civic Center, downtown Canton tonight.
May we all remember how to coexist in compassion and harmony.”

And I will go further because this blog is about this. 😉 And because that message was for me. I needed to feel compassion and harmony with the people walking to the Civic Center. There are friends of mine in that crowd. There are people I respect as friends, or co-workers or business owners. I must still respect them and I can’t become that person who just dismisses all of who they are with a “you suck” sort of comment. I must find the positive path.

When you feel unsettled or worried, you have a choice. You can spend your energy visualizing the worst or the best. Whichever you spend your time imagining… remember you are creating. Visualizing isn’t just mental exercise… it is all about creating energy. So what do you wish to devote your energy to? If you spend your time visualizing some catastrophe… whatever that might be to you… you are adding energy to that “story.” And if like me, you choice to visualize peace, love and light… then you are fueling that scenario.

Now I know you might be thinking, “Yeah, airy fairy, law of attraction BS.” But I’ve lived 15+ years of my life under this set of beliefs. And honestly, I believe that thinking and believing in the positive does make a difference. The positive energy that is created around you when you’re imagining something wonderful is REAL and MEASURABLE. And the energy that results when you devote yourself to imagining the worst… that’s equally real and damaging, if for no one else but yourself.

Doubt if you must, but I know for me that it’s true. I can run the positive, happy ending movie in my head or I can spend my energy worrying about all sorts of awful things… but I choose happiness.

So regardless who you support in the political arena, perhaps we can agree on this. Let’s visualize love and happiness. Let’s imagine joy and people feeling fulfilled. Let’s imagine safety and food and health for all. I’ll go so far as to say, I wish for light and love, peace and honor, compassion and joy. And in imagining that, I surround myself with the energy that goes with those wishes.

Whatever comes, let it be loving. Whatever we choose, may we be compassionate. And whenever we are tempted to judge, or separate, please pause and remember that regardless of your religion or lack thereof… our mission is to love. Find a way to love.

suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.