A different point of view

The election is over with some happy and some not. I was not happy and I was sadly surprised. But the US has a new president and that’s how democracy works. I will continue to visualize the best for all of us in the future.

The deeper lesson for me was “how did this happen?” How did I not imagine that Mr. Trump could succeed? It seemed unthinkable to me. True, that I don’t follow the news so my impressions of him often came from social media. I had done some research about his accomplishments and I knew he wasn’t my candidate. But he did appeal to many. So my mission now is to look into  why he was chosen by some. How did they look at this same person I did and see positive when I saw negative?

Since the election, I’ve done a lot of reading. I’ve been reminded that while I don’t make much money, I’m much better off than many. I have an education and marketable skills. I have a roof over my head and a bit of money stashed away. Many in this country are trapped in poverty with no foreseeable way out. They have a very different point of view . than I. I’ve explored stories of “silent Trump voters” those that chose him but don’t see themselves as bigots or racists. They feel the media aggrandized some of the negatives (on both sides) but beyond the shocking statements, the bottom line was either Republican values, desire for smaller government, relations with middle east and I’m sure many more points of view I have yet to read about.

At this point, I’m humbled with the powerful reminders that I don’t see the world as many others do. That doesn’t make them wrong, it just makes us and our perspectives really different. This country was build on the premise that one could come from many, that all are welcome. If I can separate their opinions from their humanity… and step back and look clearly at the “other side” with an open heart, I see people. They want freedom, joy and a future for themselves and their families. Most aren’t bigoted, small minded people. They’re struggling, sometimes with burdens I’ve never known.

I’ve always thought of myself as one who loves the differences. And I’m working on seeing this election as being the result of differences. I am working to increase my awareness and am keeping my heart and mind open to the people- not to the media, not to the candidates even. I want to love the people. I imagine if I spoke to many of them, I could see things a bit better from their perspective.

“Find a way to love” continues to be my mantra.

suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.