I am perfect

I’m a little surprised you even clicked on that title… “I am perfect.” Perhaps you’re curious about what bit of ego might be on the loose here. Or maybe, you have worked hard and come to accept yourself, as I try to, as perfect.

I have a little story to tell. I lead a meditation group once a month at a local yoga studio. My goal as a meditation teacher is to show students many ways to find calm and peace so they might embrace their higher selves. We go thru many practices so they get a taste of mantra meditation, breathing meditation. We talk about mindfulness practices while walking, eating, even doing the dishes. We chant, we om… we explore.

Today one of our exercises was to talk about how our own voices are so healing to each of us. I shared how what I say to myself can calm me. We did a little “repeat after me” exercise. In a low, calm voice I said, “I am okay.” They repeated, “I am okay.” We went on thru “we’re okay, it’s okay, I am loved, I’ve got this, everything will be fine, I rock, it’s all good…”. ‘

Then I said, “I am perfect” and silence filled the room. I set them up by a “simon says” sort of practice… I say it, they repeat it. But once we got to this one… the momentum didn’t carry them thru. I sort of knew they would choke on “I am perfect” because the first time I was taught to say it, I choked.

Perfect? Yes, perfect.

Perfection doesn’t insinuate that you have nothing else to learn or change. Perfection does say that considering all that was and will be, you are perfect just as you are.

We live in a world that holds perfection up and away from most of us. Those who are rich, powerful or beautiful in a popular way might be perfect. But when most of us, scrambling along life’s rich and bumpy path look in the mirror, “I am perfect” is not what easily flows from our lips.

Many of us have discussed how damaging that negative self talk can be. To say, even in our minds, that we are klutzes, forgetful, disorganized isn’t helpful even though it can happen to all of us. But some of us plague ourselves with darker messages, sometimes first given to us by others. “I am worthless.” “I’ll never amount to anything.” “I’m not that bright. “ “ I have no talent.” “No one will ever love me.” We know that these sorts of negative statements are very painful and create negative energy and results.

The meditation group is always eager to try my suggestions but when I asked them to say, “I am perfect” it was like watching the New York City Marathon running at full speed then immediately slam on the brakes, screeching to a stop and looking at me with wide eyes. It took three requests… “I am perfect… I am perfect… I am perfect” before the they overcame their reticence and tried the phrase on for size. “i am perfect.” “I am perfect.” And I let it go at that.

My mission as a teacher isn’t to force anything but to lead them to water and let them decide to drink when they’re thirsty enough. We all did laugh over the silence and had a bit of discussion about how hard that one was.

It shouldn’t be so hard. You ARE perfect. Embrace the idea. It is all you.  Beginning to accept this statement will help carry you further along the journey to all you can be. You can be perfect today. You can be perfect tomorrow… regardless how the day goes, what other people say, or if you fall in a mud puddle. The real you, the higher you, the spirit you… always, all ways perfect.

suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.