Loving kindness a day later

Yesterday, at our group meditation gathering, I led a loving-kindness meditation. The goal of the meditation is to help each heart get habitually more open to others; those we love, those we don’t know so well and even to those who we may not like.

My initial story about the meditation reminds us that people all over the world might appear different, speak a different language and live a very different lifestyle but that basically we are all so much alike. Most people want love and happiness. They need safety, shelter, clothes, food and care for themselves and their families. Some of us have always had these basic needs fulfilled. Some people on our earth have never had the basics of life in ready supply. Some have had them, then found themselves in a new situation where their basic needs are denied or stolen away. These people might seek to get their needs fulfilled in a more aggressive way than we are used to… but they are just seeking what we seek- comfort, love, safety.

So on Sunday, I’m the meditation leader, helping others to widen their awareness. On Monday, I’m just me. I’m in the car, driving to an appointment. I pull up to a stop sign and find myself smiling at the other driver. I drive past an old man out getting mail from his box… I smile. I stop at a light, waiting for ongoing traffic to pass… and I’m still smiling. A part of my brain even thinks to myself, what’s with the grins?

Then I remember the “mantra” from the meditation I led yesterday, one I hadn’t led in many years, “May you all be well. May you all be safe. May you all know peace. May you all feel loved. “ I’m happy to report that the mantra I had gotten away from seems to have attached itself to my subconscious and I have just a bit more love to give today.

May you all be well.
May you all be safe.
May you all know peace.
May you all feel loved.

Repeat as needed.
Hint, it might be needed a lot.

With light and love, peace and joy

suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.