Find a way to love

A friend asked on social media today to share affirmations that have helped me most in life. Her affirmation, “I am enough” encouraged her to start a new business that is blossoming

I pondered the question, as I love to write quotes and have pages of them. But it only took a few moments of meditation to find the one that I wanted to share with her and with you today.

“Find a way to love.”

This quote came to me while painting some years ago. At the time I was doing a lot of abstract heart paintings and began writing repeating messages as part of the background. “Find a way to love” just floated into my head out of the blue (or wherever you feel that these wiser-than-the-ordinary-me things come from ? )

“Find a way to love” is a directive to take action but not a definition of exactly what to do. It can turn my attention from what I cannot do to what is possible. I believe in life you have the choice of two emotions or even two ways to live. You can live in fear or love.

“Find a way to love” has carried me through an amazing array of life situations.

Challenging people in my life, challenging situations in the world both respond well to this motto as it calms me and allows me to focus the power in me for good. Others sense it. They get calmer too AND they’re more receptive to me as they can sense that I come in love.

These simple words also lift me when I’m facing a huge project that might feel insurmountable. When I find a way to love it.. suddenly little bits of the “mountain” that are manageable come clear, or perhaps people come to mind who I can ask for help. Or mostly, it’s just the wrapping myself in the love that is available to all that gives me the wisdom and energy to tackle whatever I find in the path.

When you’re facing a challenge, allow me to suggest you stop, breathe and meditate on your challenge. Are you afraid of it? Do you feel like it’s beyond your capabilities? Maybe you just don’t know where to begin. Try shining a bright beacon of love on this giant pile of stuff that seems to be in your way. Allow the light of love to calm you and illuminate the situation in a new and different way for you. Don’t do this to get something… don’t expect some immediate solution. This practice is more about the experience of choosing love over fear. In my experience, the answers will come. You’ll have an insight that surprises you, “Hmmm, where did THIS idea come from AND it’s FABulous!” Or perhaps you’ll dream of some solution. Maybe you’ll bump into a friend or make a new acquaintance and you’ll both be excited by some ideas or strengths that you’ll share that can bring you the solutions you need.

Find that way to love, regardless what’s going on in your world. Love ALLways makes things better.

Thanks for asking, Bohemian Mama. Answering reminded me of the light and love even more! ?

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suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.