Be prepared to succeed

We all are living in a time of change. I’m working on a time of change personally. As with any project, most of us try to do what we can to help ourselves succeed in whatever is before us. One of the coaches I have been working with said today, “Be prepared to succeed.”

I heard that statement and I had to stop the recording to think. Am I prepared to succeed? I might hope to succeed. I might wish to succeed. But am I prepared? Somehow those words felt different to me.

I work with clients in hopes of helping their health and wellness, their stress reduction and their happiness. One of the challenges I see again and again is the fact that often, we don’t talk very kindly to ourselves. Our self-talk is much more critical or even harsh than any words that come out of our mouths directed to others. I work with groups and clients on self-talk, helping them create a more positive and loving environment within.

In the same regard, do I frame my work I’m doing on myself in a framework of success? Or do I remind myself, “This is going to be tough,” or knowing that I’ve been thru this intention to change before but didn’t accomplish the goal. This time around, am I prepared to succeed? Or am I putting too much energy into wondering if I will achieve success.

Being prepared to succeed to me means visualizing success and not only the arduous process. When I succeed, how will my life be different? Once I can master this new skill, how can I help others or make the world a better place? Once I succeed, how will I feel different when I get up in the morning to face a new day!

While visualizing success, I still need to work thru the process and that can be tough. By raising my sights towards what my rewards will be, how my life will change and how I can help others is making the “grind” a lot easier to face. Having this clearly visible goal can go so much further towards my persisting towards the goal. Positive motivation, positive visualization, just like positive self talk are all pieces of helping us reach our greatest potential.

Got some challenge you’d like to tackle? Maybe not totally sure you can succeed? You might choose to try what I’m trying, which is to take the time to visualize what success can mean for you, for your work, your family and the world. Then prepare for that success. Wake up in the morning feeling just that much closer to success. Don’t be afraid to look for and accept help. Work hard to make the changes, to reach the goal, but don’t lose sight what success will mean to you and prepare for that success. This one statement has created a big boost in positive momentum for me. Hope it can do the same for you.
have fun!

❤️suni moon

suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.