Let it go

Fall is my favorite season. Cooler weather brings sweaters and wool socks and the feeling of being cozy. Savoring a cup of warm tea- bringing its heat to my hands and warming me within. It’s time to bundle up a bit and take a hike in nature.

Nature is always such a powerful teacher. The trees often “speak” to me if I can slow my mind enough to listen. Leaning my back up against a strong tree, settling in to pause and rest a bit. My mind can wander through that tree- How long has it been here? How did it get planted? Is it frightened in a strong wind or violent storm? Is it bored standing in one place for its entire life?

For our group today, we plan to discuss letting go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. Who is a more masterful example of letting go that our tree friends. All summer, the trees shelter birds, shade the ground, make flowers and seeds. In the fall, some trees put on a amazing show of color, allow that glorious brilliance to fade naturally.  Then they just let go of their leaves, dropping dry, lifeless leaves to the ground where they degrade and become part of the soil fueling future growth for other plants. What might have been seen as their identity, their garments, their accomplishments are deftly released to move on to better things.

So in fall, might we learn from those tree teachers? In meditation, we’ll ponder ways we might be like the trees. We’ll also look at which things we wrap ourselves in or carry hidden are things that it might be time to let go of.

Go anything you might need to release to lighten the load? As you ponder a change you might wish for, first think about what life might feel like without that burden? How might you be freer or lighter without it? What new idea could you embrace once you make space in your life by releasing the old? Then ponder why you have not released it yet?

Not all burdens are intended to be flung off in life. Some loads are carried with love and purpose. But for the things that aren’t loving and that don’t serve a purpose, perhaps fall is the perfect time to start visualizing a release. We change and grow. We evolve and blossom. Yet deep in our back pocket, we might till carry some bad habit, wrong perception of ourselves that we’ve almost forgotten is there.

Fall is a colorful time to embrace a bit of change. Or it’s just a great time to put on a sweatshirt and take a hike in the woods. Do whatever serves you best!
have fun!


suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.