There is hope, light and a brighter future

The news is filled with stories of fear and sadness. But that is not all of the world. There are wonderful things happening every day. People are helping one another. New ideas and inventions will help us clean up the planet. Babies are born filled with light and potential. You can choose to focus on the good, allowing your vision of better days ahead to fill your thoughts. When fear and hopelessness push into your mind, make a conscious decision to release your worry, clearing space for thoughts of better things to come.

You are aware that with a bit of focus and work, you can learn new skills. In our chaotic world, it’s particularly helpful to make a practice to learn to calm yourself, to slow your thinking and remain in charge of choosing how you will /can/ should respond to any situation that arises. As we learn how our mind and spirit interact, we can create new habits, new ways of responding to the shifting energies of our world.

Some call this learning process awakening or enlightenment. I like to keep my focus more on the fact that I’m shifting my energy. As I learn to stay calm, to slow my thoughts, I find I can consider options differently. Our mind has one set of solutions or options in any given situation but when it’s too busy or frightened, the mind makes decisions in panic mode. Somewhere deeper in us- in our mind, our hearts, our gut, our sub-conscious, our higher self- is a different set of solutions. This wiser version of us is accessible when we learn calming practices. This higher part of us isn’t operating in panic mode but is more “wise old sage” or even Yoda-ish. This energy I find in the wiser self, the calmer me, is higher in vibration.

The world is moving from a world of lower vibration to higher vibration. Everything vibrates, even stones and objects perceived as ‘lifeless” have vibration. What appears as a solid table top is really a mass of atomic particles with strong attractions vibrating together. Weird perhaps to think about but real none-the-less.

Lower frequencies feel heavy, even dark. This world is more fearful, attaching value to money and things. Higher frequencies feel lighter and open. In a higher vibrational world. People are freer, more compassionate and clear on the fact that we are all in this together. Helping one another, giving to those with less are all higher vibrational actions.

The shift to higher energy is painful. Those who only know fear or use fear to control others will cling to this lower energy mightily. But you don’t need to fear the shift that is coming. It might feel weird, like you’re not sure your next step will hit solid ground… but take that step anyway. The world won’t magically change into a place of love and compassion from the top down. No one can legislate all the fear and corruption away. The change will come from the individual… one bright light at a time.

So, embrace the shift, wonky as it might feel. Take time to focus on your calmness, kindness with a big dose of self-compassion. Remember that everyone has the potential to change the world for the better, one kind act, one smile, one compassionate heart at a time. Practice building the habit of releasing fear and creating more love, more compassion and more hope as our future.

suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.