the power of positivity

How to cope in trying times? I choose to look for the light, the positive, the encouragement. Here’s why.

Social media has created an outlet of sorts for us. When we hear something bad, scary or downright horrifying, we share in on Facebook. I think the intention is just that… an outlet for being upset or fearful. But sometimes, the ultimate awfulness gets shared again and again on our social media pages, thus magnifying the pain and other negative responses. I know you are in pain but that pain is not relieved when you share the bad news and increase others’ pain too. They know already, you’re just reminding them again… and again.

Another result of sharing the worst of the day is that you are empowering what is negative. You are sharing with the universe and all us in it, a powerful negative message. From an energetic point of view, you are empowering what is bad in our world. You are announcing and re-announcing how horrible life is.  If you can see the “air waves” of life as being what surrounds us all, we don’t need more negative energy bathing us 24/7.

I understand, these events are tragic signs that our world needs to change but rather than sharing the bad news, share your insights about solving the challenges, ideas for change, uplifting solutions as that is what I believe you truly do value.

When you imagine the worst, like your family being injured as many are in the news, your body responds as if your family has been injured. Your blood pressure rises, breathing is more rapid and stress hormones flood your body. The longer you fixate on the horrors of the day, the longer your body staying in full panic mode and that is terrible for your health.

Don’t share the bad news. It only creates more pain for you and others. 

Positivity sounds like “Mary Sunshine” naïveté when times are tough. But let me tell you how positivity works.

When I offer you encouragement in trying times, I am surrounding you with my wish for you to be strong, hopeful and powerful. When I dwell on what is right and positive in our world (and yes, there’s a lot of good going on. It just doesn’t make top of the news) I surround myself with positive energy. Visions of better times, compassionate acts and a more loving world are empowered in my heart and hopefully creates the same for those who read a positive post. As we share the good news, the encouraging words, we are empowering the energy that makes good happen.

Wish to make a better world? Surround yourself with visions of a more compassionate and loving planet. Take action as you can to help others, express love, to  lift someone else up.

Put your energy into empowering good.

There is a real power there, not just for your own health and well-being but for those you connect with. A kinder, wiser, more careful, loving and compassionate world isn’t going to be legislated into reality from the top. Our better world will be build by each of us making a choice not to submerge ourselves in fear then reach out to drag others under with us. The world will be changed as we each change how we focus, what we accept in our lives and what energy we wrap around ourselves and those we love.

Take action… yes, of course we must take action. But consider carefully the effects of the actions you take. Are you empowering what is good, positive and world-changing? Or are you buying into the fear that is being fed us on a daily basis. If for no other reason than your own health and happiness… release the temptation to post something tragic, terrifying and totally depressing. Wait to share when you see that thing that makes you smile, that give you hope, that seems to make the sun shine a bit more brightly.

Regardless what comes in the news tomorrow, if you spend today draining all your hope and joy, you will have nothing to give the world tomorrow.  Build your positivity reserves- empowering hope, building resiliency and believing that love, compassion and all that is good in our world will come out on top. Then smile, pat someone on the back, open a door and march on into the better world that you can help build.

Yours truly,
mary sunshine

suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.