new moon-new beginnings

The full moon gets all the attention. She’s bright and beautiful and brings a special sort of energy to many of us. Recently, however, my attention has been drawn to the quieter, more mysterious version of the moon, the new moon. The new moon brings us “new beginnings power.” I use her arrival as my reminder to meditate on my intentions, goals, problems and progress.

My new moon tradition.

The world changes quickly than ever. The planets are aligned to encourage us to bring about the changes we long for and to take action to make dreams come true.  I used to evaluate my happiness level, intentions and progress twice a year but now things are moving so quickly, I’m opting for monthly at the new moon time. I invite you to join me in this practice. Make some time for you on or near the new moon. In our new moon gatherings at Inner Whisper Studios, we use a new moon journal to track our intentions, progress and evaluate needed changes at the new moon. We then meditate, opening ourselves to new insights as to what we might change to make the most of this time of new beginnings and re-do’s.

So sit down and breath deeply. Release your tension on the exhale and become aware of the earth beneath you and the sky above. See these two realms as always being there to support you- each in their own way. Take out your new moon journal and imagine you are a reporter.  What are your intentions for this new year? What are your goals, your plans. What would you like to change. Write all this down .
Then assess how your life is going. Check in with your happiness. What are you longing for? Write down these ideas in your journal.

The sit in your favorite style of meditation and open yourself to insights, new perspectives and other news that the new moon might bring you. After meditation, record these new ideas in your journal. The new info might make you adjust your intentions and goals. Write all the down. Then check in on the next new moon.


A bit more moon knowledge

The moon is an undeniable power. She causes ocean tides to shift affecting massive bodies of water all over the earth. Since humans are 70% water, we feel these shifts too. In Chinese, Hindu, Jewish, Islamic and Christian traditions, holidays are calendars planned around the phases of the moon. The Chinese new year is celebrated on the first new moon of the new year. Easter is held on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the Vernal Equinox.

The moon changes her beautiful face every night. Before we had the tools to explain the phenomenon, can you imagine how powerful it might be to try to explain this wonder. The moon’s face reflects the sun at night. The earth orbits in such a way that it passes between the moon and the sun, casting its shadow on the face of the moon.

The different phases of the moon relate to many different stories, traditions and rituals. For now, here’s one way to look at the phases of the moon and how to best make use of moon energy in your life.

Imagine the cycle of the moon as a lifetime. You are born on the new moon. As the light of the moon grows, so does your power, energy and wisdom. From new moon to first quarter, the energy is as a child. You will do with approaching life with a youthful, energetic and flexible point of view.

From first quarter to the full moon, the energy feels more like young adulthood. Tackle projects with fresh power, feeling assertive and self-assured.

The full moon is your peak and it’s momentary. It is a sort of mid-life crisis where all the power you have built will begin waning. Strike now while you are your strongest.

Between the full moon, and the last quarter, the energy is as though you are in the middle-aged phase of life. Now you will find strength in being focused, logical and selective. As you are on the declining side of the light, set priorities with care and wisdom and gracefully let go of that which is not important..

From the last quarter to new moon, is sort of the old-age phase of the moon. In this time, you are wise. You have released what is not of value and you walk toward the new moon with only that which is most precious. You can envision the rebirth that is to come with joy and satisfaction.

New moon arrives with a fresh batch of new energy and fresh perspective. So tackle your challenges with an awareness of the moon. Just one more tool to enjoy your best life.
have fun

suni moon

Suni Moon is a writer, teacher, artist, musician, and healer exploring simple approaches to educate, calm. and inspire you to find your happy. Visit About page to learn more.