are you happy?

I get to talk to people every day and I often ask them, “Are you happy?” Most people think they should be happy… they have the attributes of success so they think they should be. Or they just roll their eyes at me, replying that they’re too busy to think about happiness… like it’s not a real thing.

Living a deeply satisfying life is something that is real and attainable. It’s also very important to your health to cultivate happiness.

Releasing life’s stress and finding more happiness isn’t about “chucking it all” and starting over. Stress may come from outside of us but the solutions are within.

I believe each of us comes with a unique set of skills, abilities and dreams. We knew these talents when we were kids but often lose touch with them along the way. We get a bit lost by trying to be… be successful, be a wife or a boss or whatever the role you find yourself cast into. If you feel true to yourself, empowered and happy in that role, then bravo/brava. But often we’re more going thru the motions of life. We’re surviving and not thriving.

So, I see my role as helping you find your power, explore your passions and get in touch with the wisdom within. How? Well, first it’s about learning to calm yourself. I teach many meditation and mindfulness practices that give you tools to use. Once you can get calmer and find some comfort in stillness, then you can explore who you are inside. I help you do that thru workshops on many subjects, knowing that each of us is different. I hope that you’ll discover some new practice or be inspired to gain more knowledge that will help you shine and be the best you you can. I help by offering hands on therapies through bodywork, energy healing, and sound therapies. I also help through small group and one-on-one coaching.

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suni moon
(who some of you may have known as su nimon in years gone by. I still answer to su, suni or hey friend. ? )

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