Unwind your mind- group meditation at 6th Street yoga

These groups are returning in May 2019 after taking a couple months off. Thanks for the break. So I’ll look for you on May 5, May 17th and 1st Sunday and 3rd Friday every month after that. Thanks.

Whether you do it or think you can’t, meditation is a proven tool to help you calm yourself, de-stress and enjoy your life more. I hope you can join us at 6th Street Yoga for group meditation.

No experience needed. Just come in comfy clothes. I won’t ask you to do anything embarrassing. There is no test. Bring a cushion if you have one or a yoga mat… or use one of ours. There are chairs if you’re not a floor sitter.

i’ve set a cost for the group at $10 or as you can. That means $10, more if you want or less if you don’t have that. If you’re bringing your kids or your mom, just bring them and pay what seems right to you. I split your donations with 6th Street Yoga to cover costs.