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My passion is to help people connect with their power in body, mind and spirit. My classes are a response to a stressful life that can sometimes feel chaotic. Learning skills which can calm, ground and reduce stress is certainly in order.  
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Classes available to be planned for your group
The cost of the course depends on length of class, the size of the group, materials needed and travel requirements. Contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Unwind your mind– simple practices to calm and de-stress your world.
A practical approach to meditation, including the science of how meditation can improve health and life, some basic knowledge about meditation and how to start a practice. Can be very eye-opening and helpful, especially for those who think they can’t meditate.
I do this workshop a couple times a year outdoors. The next one is on July 26, details.

Meditation for anxiety and stress or Meditation for loss and grief-  We explore meditation with a special focus on how meditation might become one of the tools that you might use to deal with the pain comes in our lives.

Setting intentions (and following thru)
New Year’s resolutions have become a joke but intentions… now those work differently for me and for many people.  Plus you’re not off the hook, waiting for the new year because you can write intentions anytime. You’ll get an intention journal to work with during the workshop so you don’t go home and forget everything we talked about.  This is a fun and effective workshop to get you inspired to get busy doing whatever that big dream is that has been waiting too long to come true.

Mindfulness in Action- Mindfulness is a popular form of meditation. In this workshop, we’ll explore a variety of ways to practice mindfulness. It’s the practice that makes new skills become habits. You’ll be amazed at how many ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your day. You’ll go home with a long list of ideas to try because we’ll never get to them all in class. 

Mandala meditation– more fun than a coloring book– The mandala gives you a means to express yourself. The process of learning some simple drawing techniques (no experience or particular talent is needed) allows you to begin to explore the relaxing and meditative practice of drawing from your thoughts.

Energy healing– While to some the term energy healing might seem new, even new age-y. But working with the energy systems of the body is only relatively new to Westerners. Many ancient cultures believed in and understood the energy systems of the body. In this workshop, you can learn a simple energy healing practice to use and share with others.

Healing with voice and sound– In class we explore how our voices can help our bodies and minds stay healthy and happy. We practice how words, sounds, rhythms and more can create feelings, energy and encourage good health.Don’t let the idea that we’re getting vocal scare you off. All work is done as a group and you’ll be so amazed at how beautiful the sound can be when we all sing together. 

Be your own coach – Use self hypnosis techniques (deep positive self-talk) to help you make progress on important projects  Learn how to help yourself change. Proven techniques that are simple and easy to learn, you can become your own best encourager. Good idea, because you are always around you when you really need you?   Using the practices of self-hypnosis or auto-suggestion

Self care thru self talk!– Somedays you can wait a long time to hear an “atto-boy” bit of encouragement. In this class, we explore becoming your own best encourager. I lead us through a light-hearted look at the power of language, with a special focus on what language you use with yourself.
Working on the details for some new workshops involving pairing essential oils and crystals plus using crystals in grids. Stay tuned.

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