I teach people about wellness, calmness and achieving greater peace and joy.

Wellness, especially corporate wellness is quite trendy. But wellness isn’t clearly understood by most people. We need it but aren’t sure exactly what it is or how to bring more wellness to our lives.

The concept  is about physical health but also about mental and emotional health. Wellness training can be the “breath of fresh air” that you need to enjoy life with renewed energy and positive attitudes.

Classes, workshops, speaker topics

I offer classes, workshops or can come to speak to your group about wellness, calming practices and other interesting topics. Contact me if you have a subject in mind. Details.

Classes already on the calendar for you to join in 

I teach a workshop once a month. See what’s coming on the calendar.  There are also local meditation groups to visit if you need a boost to your own calming practice. Details.

Wellness coaching

Wellness is about choices. As you begin assessing where you want to change and how to succeed with change, it can be helpful to get a little coaching to get you off on the right path. Details

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