wellness coaching

Wellness is so important to being your best you. This broad topic includes physical, emotional, career, environmental and social aspects. It’s worth taking the time to learn more about wellness, do an honest self-assessment about important changes you might want to make and then to learn the best ways to implement changes in your life. 

Finding your way to greater wellness is an inside job. No one is with you 24/7 but you. However, a coach can help you learn how best to be there for yourself, building new knowledge and getting new habits ingrained as your normal.

I’ve been working in wellness for many years. I’ve helped 1000’s of clients to find their way to a healthier, happier, more balanced life. I completed coaching training in 2006 and continually update my skills.

You might choose to work with me for a month or three to pull together a clear plan on how you’d like to proceed into the future. I don’t carry you down the path… you will do the leg work. I help point out plans that might work for you and perhaps point out some stumbling blocks that you’re not seeing clearly. 

Individual coaching – coming soon!

Group coaching- coming soon!

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